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Unlock Radiant Beauty, Subscription Style!

Welcome to the future of beauty and wellness! At Aspire Student Salon and Laser Lipo House, we’ve joined forces to bring you an unparalleled subscription experience. Say goodbye to sporadic beauty treatments and hello to consistent, head-turning radiance.

Unlimited Beauty, Limitless Confidence

  • Discover the joy of accessing our beauty services.
  • Enjoy an array of treatments designed to boost your confidence, from head to toe.
  • Experience an exceptional transformation that never fades away.

    Exclusive Perks for Our Subscribers

  • Access exclusive discounts and special offers tailored just for you.
  • Priority booking ensures you’re always at the front of the beauty queue.
  • Enjoy personalized beauty recommendations and expert guidance.

    The Offer:

    Experience the power of subscription beauty like never before. With our monthly subscription, you gain access to a world of Aesthetic Beauty and Laser treatments that will transform the way you look and feel. Choose your subscription from three enticing options, starting at just R300 per month.

    How It All Works

    • Subscribe in advance for a minimum of 6 months.
    • Your commitment opens the door to a world of beauty transformation.
    • During the 6-month period, you have the flexibility to upgrade to a higher subscription.
    • Remember, bookings are essential – we want to ensure you receive the best possible beauty experience.
    • Please note that treatments not used in the current calendar month will gracefully expire.
    • Our beauty subscription service is designed for individual use, and only one subscription is allowed per person.
    • Treatments within your subscription tier cannot be substituted for other services unless specifically noted.
    Why Subscribing Makes Sense

    Consistent Beauty = Lasting Impact

    Regular beauty treatments lead to sustained radiance and youthful charm, and with our beauty subscription service, you have access to ongoing self-care, ensuring you always look your best.  Boost your confidence with a consistent beauty regimen.

    Step up your beauty game with our comprehensive range of services.  From soothing massages to laser treatments, we’ve got your beauty needs covered, allowing you to be the best version of yourself, all year round!

    Beauty Subscription Service


    frequently asked questions

    01.  Can I gift one of my treatments to someone else?

    Yes, you are welcome to treat someone with your subscription.

    03. Can I change my subscription during my 6 month contract period?

     Yes! You can upgrade your subscription for the remainder of your 6 month period. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to downgrade before your contract expires.

    05. Will I receive a membership number?

    We’ll use your nominated cellphone number as means to identify and communicate with you. You’ll receive a confirmation message when making a booking and another message after the treatment to confirm the number of treatments available for the rest of that month.

    02. Can I buy a subscription for someone as a gift?

    Oh wow! That’s a great gift idea! Yes of course you may!

    04. I have a bit of a crisis. Can I stop my subscription for a month or two?

    Yes, we understand that life happens. You can freeze your subscription for a maximum of 3 months. During this time you won’t be liable for payment, but you won’t be able to make of our services. The remainder of your subscription period will continue as normal after the 90-day freeze.

    06. Can I purchase additional treatments outside of my subscription?

    Yes, you can purchase adhoc treatments from either salon at any time.

    Ready to Dive into the World of Subscriptions?

    Join the Beauty Revolution Today!

    It’s time to experience the future of beauty and wellness.  Subscribe now and be on your way to beauty brilliance.  Your journey to radiant, glowing beauty starts with a single click.

    • Unleash your inner beauty with our subscription service and walk the path to endless confidence!  Choose your subscription plan and let the beauty transformation begin!

    Don’t miss out on the radiant future of beauty

    Subscribe today for an exclusive beauty journey like no other!

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